04.07.2018 / 18:00 - 22:00 Uhr

StartupDorf Gründerstammtisch No. 58 & Summer DorfFEST mit Grill & Co

It is time for a MEGA SPECIAL: Stammtisch & Summer StartupDorf DorfFEST! On July 4th we get together for the first StartupDorf Stammtisch @ Super7000!! We combine our classic Stammtisch with our first Summer DorfFEST. Talks, Drinks, Music, Grill & Co - a real community session where we will enjoy of course a real DorfFEST with valuable networking and intensive exchange opportunities in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. KARTOFFELHALLE.

(Important note: we start a little bit earlier. Hungry? Come first! And, yes there is no WM football/soccer on July, 4 - "spielfrei")


Kartoffelhalle - Open doors

6pm (Get-together)
casual networking 'DorfFEST'

7.30pm (Welcome)

  1. Gründerstammtisch & 1. Summer DorfFest

8.00pm (5min - Pitches)

  • Val de Souza (DS Fintech GmbH)
  • ...

ca. 8.30pm (Networking)

  • Music
  • Drinks
  • Last (veggie) Sausages from the Grill